Sunday, October 6, 2013

Your Skin In Colder Weather

{photo via Key To Nutrition}

Hello all! I know it's been a month too many since I've posted anything here and I'm terribly sorry about's little post is more just a sharing of another great post I found via a favorite health related blog of mine: Key To Nutrition!

Brish is the beautiful author behind this blog which was formerly titled "Get A Taste Of Nutrition". I wrote a featured post on her blog last November which you can check out here. Today's post, which I'm sharing with you from her blog, is all about foods to eat to help keep your skin moisturized instead of cracked, dry, and flaky. I love how she shares lots of foods for each vitamin necessary to keep healthy skin throughout the fall/winter seasons while the weather is cooler and then just plain cold! So stop reading here and go check out her post Autumn Glow!