Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Recipe Wednesday: Cilantro Lime Tilapia Tacos

Today's recipe was submitted by Erica @ From Thick To Thin! Thank you Erica for sharing your lovely Taco recipe with the Exercise Encouragement Group! If any of you readers would like to submit a healthy recipe, please check out the details here!

View the original recipe @ From Thick To Thin!

This recipe makes about 5 fish tacos!

3 filet's of Tilapia
Tony Chachere (for seasoning)
Olive oil (for frying fish)
Fresh cilantro
Feta cheese
Red onion

1. Cool the tilapia in the olive oil and season.
2. Chop up the tilapia into small pieces.
3. Place your tilapia in the tortillas.
4. Squeeze the lime on top of the tilapia.
5. Chop the cilantro and put it in the tortilla.
6. Sprinkle bits of the cheese on next.
7. And enjoy your tacos!
Be sure to check out the other delicious recipes over at From Thick To Thin! They look quite delicious!!!

Monday, January 21, 2013

Featured Blog | The Active Mum

Hello readers! I have a special treat for you today! In December I was able to meet/talk with Aanika. A mommy who is committed to being active. She and I have similar goals in attempting to encourage other people and bloggers to be active and work towards goals in better health/fitness. Please take a moment to stop over and visit Aanika @ The Active Mum today!
Aankia has many topics she writes about on her blog but she does like to focus on posts about fitness & nutrition. Two topics I love as well! Here are a few posts she gave me links to include in this post today...I do hope you'll check each one out and leave her a comment when you do stop by!
Posts of Interest
Be sure to stop by and visit Aankia today and leave her a comment! I know she'll appreciate the love!
Interested in having your exercise/fitness/health related blog featured? Go here!

Sunday, January 20, 2013

Submit Things NOW!

Hello readers! I just wanted to let you know that if you ever thought about submitting a recipe or tidbit today's the day! Leave me a comment below or go to either page: Submit a Tidbit or Submit a Recipe and turn in a link there! ALSO if you have yet to see a feature on your health/fitness/exercise related blog please leave a comment with the info needed as well OR visit the Get Featured page! I'm looking for as many as I can so that I can fill in the next few weeks of posts ahead of time! Thank you all!   ~Helen

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Wednesday, January 2, 2013

New Year = New Goals!

Hi everyone! I'm back from the sort of mini vacation I took over Christmas & New Year's form this blog to be able to focus on the holidays & less on blogging...but I am here now with some great ideas & new goals for myself and for this blog! I hope that you all will find it exciting & helpful and of course give feedback & ideas of your own too! :)

Yesterday I wrote a post about my goals for this new I'm sharing with you my goals for Exercise (It's under "Physical" on Blue Eyed Beauty Blog).

~Walk 30 minutes each day or more

~Get back into my old Curvy Girl routine

~Do my shoulder workouts

~Drink 60+ oz. of water a day

~Spend less time in bed sleeping
~Eat healthier. Less fast food, more quality foods
Since I've not used a treadmill or even been walking on a regular basis since May of last year I am starting out slow in the walking department. My goal for the month of January is to get up to 15 or 20 minutes of consistent walking. I started today with 5 minutes and will continue at 5 minutes a day until Monday which I will then up it to 10 minutes; that I will continue for at least a week and then up the time if I'm doing okay with that. The pace is 2.2 on my treadmill which is about normal walking speed for me in everyday life.

Curvy Girl Routine
I plan to print a check off sheet of all the exercises I have listed over at Blue Eyed Beauty: Curvy Girl Workout. As I do the exercises I will check them off. This I'd like to start next Monday & I'd like to accomplish it at least three times a week for this month.

Shoulder Workouts
In 2010 my shoulder was injured in The Car Wreck I was in. I went to physical therapy for many months to have the shoulder strengthened and they said I would have to continue working with it for the rest of my life. Well, it's been a few months since I've done any of the exercises for it and I'm feeling the pains of procrastination & laziness now. I need to go through some of my old PT paper work and write down all the exercises & stretches so I can improve my shoulders strength & bring the pain level back down.

Drink More Water
As you may have noticed, I wrote the post DIY Water Cup (also on Blue Eyed Beauty Blog) and shared a link to it on the post Tidbits on Friday #3. Since I made the cup I've been doing really well at drinking a lot more water than I had been. I'd like to double that amount...which means drinking 2+ of the 30+ oz. cups of water each day instead of the 1-2 I've been getting down for most of December.

Less Time Sleeping
I still have a horrible sleep schedule which means that many times my day doesn't start until 10:30 or 11 am...which means I've wasted a lot of good time sleeping when I could be getting things done I can't do at night because other people are sleeping. I'd like to aim to be in bed by 12 each night and up by 9:30am...for now. :) I tried doing 11pm for bedtime, but that was not working so well for me so the time has been changed.

Eat Healthier
I imagine that once Autry & I are married (we got engaged on December 6th!) a few, if not many, of my eating habits will change a lot. Right now I live with my parents so a lot of what I eat is based off of what they buy to feed the family...however, when Autry & I are on our own we will have complete control over everything we eat and we'd both like to choose healthy options to help maintain healthy weight & to reduce fatty/greasy foods from our regular diet. Also, since we'll be married we won't have to go out as much to get some 'us' time which means eating less fast food & restaurant food!

What are your goals for this New Year? Have you thought about it yet? If so share them with me if you don't mind! I may find something else to add to what I'm gonna do this year! :)