Monday, December 3, 2012

Sumbit A Recipe

I'm so glad you're visiting this post! I hope this means you are interested in submitting a recipe for me to share with the readers of Exercise Encouragement Group Blog! If so continue reading for directions!

To submit a recipe you've already published on your blog:

Just leave me a comment below with the link to the direct post. If you would like me to contact you via email when I have the post ready and scheduled to go out please say so in the comment! Also, you may (or may not) need to leave me an email address to contact you at. If you're not sure, go here to see if you're a No Reply Blogger!

To submit a recipe that's not already online:

If you've tried a recipe from your own cookbooks at home or you'd like to submit a family recipe that is just as good too! Feel free to leave me a comment with the type of recipe you have that you'd like to share and a way to get in contact with you (aka your email address!). I will email you as soon as I can to have you send me the recipe and a photo of how it turned out so I can share it with others. When I have the post scheduled to publish I will let you know when it will come out!

1. Please do not submit recipes that are not your own or aren't of your own creation! Thank you!!
2. Please include a way to contact you (an email address) so that I can email you if I have questions concerning your recipe and so I can let you know when it will be scheduled to be published.
3. Please include a photo. If you don't have one on the original post that is okay, I will email you and then you can email me the photo for the post on EEG. Otherwise I will not be able to post the recipe, sorry!

I will include all recipes on a new page so that they can be easily seen and scanned through. I will also include a link directly to the blog where the recipe came from (where this applies of course) so that others can find you!

Thank you all for submitting a recipe! I can't wait to see what all comes of this new feature to EEG and I can't wait to see what all you have to share with the group!!

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  1. I have posted several recipes on my blog. While all may not be super healthy, we choose to eat in moderation in my household. :)

    Peanut Butter Cup Ice Cream Pie:

    Buffalo Chicken Dip:

    Those are two of my favorite recipes. To view all my recipes (with more to come) here:

    Email me and I'll send you a recipe for something healthy that I was planning to post next week!


  2. Here is a recipe (dessert)

    Buttermilk Powered Donuts (Whole Wheat)