Monday, April 28, 2014

Smoothie Mix Up

I know it has been quite a few months since this blog has been updated. I do apologize for that! I've had a difficult time adjusting to life at home without internet since moving to the country. Our only internet option out there now is satellite and it costs and arm and a leg if we did go with that (which we wont, because it's way too expensive. Almost $80 a month! Crazy!!). Anyway, I usually do posts on here with photos I find on Pinterest so not having internet at home means I don't surf Pinterest constantly which means I don't usually have things to share.

In January I gave birth to our precious baby boy. You may remember my Healthy Eating During Pregnancy post from last June. Since January I've been working on getting used to the new role of being a stay at home mama. I think I'm finally getting things in a good working order so hopefully I can start a few regular posts over here now. I've been keeping my main blog, Blue Eyed Beauty Blog, updated regularly so now I hope to get this one up and going again too.

During pregnancy I gained almost 50 pounds. I didn't always eat the healthiest, and I didn't exercise hardly at all, if any, so I'm not really surprised by this. I had a fair bit of weight gain right off the bat and then I just had normal pregnancy weight gain during the middle months, then there at the end I think most of the weight just piled on quickly. I have been working on losing the 'baby weight' for about a month now. I post regularly on my main blog about my After Baby Weight Loss; usually on Wednesday the new update goes out. I'm not very good at being consistent with working out, but at least I'm attempting it!

As for healthy eating? I'm quite horrible at this now too. I just really like high fat foods and so for the last six months or so that's mainly what I've been fixing for dinner. Since March though I've been *trying* to do better about fixing slightly healthier food options. My latest favorite is to make up a smoothie after I work out. I found the photo below on Pinterset (I couldn't find an original link?) and thought it was great because it shows different ways to mix up making smoothies. I personally like to make up a smoothie I call the Strawberry Protein Smoothie which has about 6 frozen strawberries, 6 big spoonfuls of vanilla yogurt, and 1/2 cup of milk. I call it a protein smoothie because both milk and yogurt have a lot of protein in them. It's very tasty though! {Hubby says protein makes you gain weight, but so far I haven't had a problem with that, and I don't make this every day, just a few times a week.}


What is your favorite smoothie blend?

Until next time!

Tuesday, April 1, 2014

Swap Buttons!

If you have a exercise/fitness or healthy food blog I'd love to swap buttons with you! Even if you just post regularly on your own personal fitness journey I'd love to swap with you!

Just send me an email and I'll get your button added a.s.a.p! I will keep your button up for at least three months, maybe longer if there are plenty of open spaces. Three months for sure though!

Button size will be 100x100. I will resize your button if needed!

My email:

mrshelenstafford {at} yahoo {dot} com

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