Tuesday, September 4, 2012

What Motivates You?

(photo originally found via Pinterest)

I just love this photo. It has an interesting point. Some of us don't have the motivation that exercise requires. In fact, the dinosaur could represent the laziness we have when it comes to exercise. I know that for the past few months this is certainly true of me. I have a huge lack of motivation. What I don't understand is why I have no motivation. I want to workout, I want to be fit, I just don't do it.

Here are a few questions to ask yourself if you are also struggling with finding motivation:
1. Why don't you want to workout/exercise?
2. What is holding you back?
3. Does your goal need to change? Is it perhaps too big?
4. How can you get going towards a goal?
5. What is going to motivate you now?
6. Is it reasonable?

My answers
1. I don't want to take the time. I've been lazy.
2. Me. I am holding me back. I don't want to do it, so I haven't.
3. My goal was to have fit arms in three months. I think I need to focus on a smaller goal of working out my arms three times a week instead and see how that goes.
4. I need to put my weights where I will remember to use them. I think this would be on my nightstand so I will see them every morning and night.
5. I want to be able to lift my boyfriend's 20 lb. weight with one hand and it not be hard. Right now I can lift it with one hand about 5 inches off the floor...and that's while sitting on my knees.
6. Yes, I think my goal and motivation are both reasonable.

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