Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Recipe Wednesday: Frozen Yogurt Bites

To kick start this Wednesday recipe series I've decided to start with recipes from my own blog since that is what I have at this time. Of course if you have a recipe that you wouldn't mind sharing with others in the group feel free to comment below and leave me a link! I will work on a 'submit a recipe' tab much like the 'get featured' and 'submit a tidbit' tabs I already have. Basically what I will do is add the photo (which I hope you will already have for me!) and then the recipe ingredients & directions as you have them on your post. I will also write in the beginning who submitted the recipe or where it came from so that everyone who reads it will find the original creator and have the opportunity to visit your blog(s)!

Now, on to today's recipe, which is obviously from Blue Eyed Beauty Blog (my other blog, in case you didn't already know). This is one of my favorite snacks on earth. I could sit and eat these all the time and they only take a few minutes to fix and then a few hours to freeze so they're totally worth it! Especially if you're like me and you love ice cream, but are trying to be healthy...this is a great choice for you!

4 6 oz. containers of yogurt (any flavor)

1. Use a cookie sheet and cover it with wax paper. Once you measure and cut the wax paper flip it over so the rolling edges are held out by the edge of the pan.
2. Stir the yogurt before you use it to make the bites. Take a small spoon or teaspoon and fill it with yogurt. Let it drop off the spoon onto the wax paper. Continue until the pan is full or the yogurt cup is empty and go on to the next cup until they are all done. MAKE SURE to keep each drop separate from the others around it!! I can usually get 48 drops on one cookie sheet.
3. Place in the freezer for 2-3 hours, or until they aren't soft to the touch.
4. Pull the wax paper up off the pan and pop each bite of yogurt off the paper. Put in a bowl to eat right away or in a zip lock bag to store in the freezer immediately. Make sure not to keep them out of the freezer for more than a few minutes when you transfer them off the pan because they will start to melt quite fast

~You can also use Dannon Vanilla yogurt which is what I used for the bites in the photograph for this post. Those are my absolute favorite and that is the best yogurt for you that you can buy from WalMart, or so I've been able to find out thus far.

That's all! I hope you all will give this 'recipe' if you could call it that, a try! And if you've written a healthy recipe yourself send it to me so that I can see if it's something I can share here on Exercise Encouragement Group!!!


  1. I'm definitely going to have to try this. And speaking of yogurt, I have found that it's a great alternative to sour cream.